Empirical Research in Islamic Banking: Past, Present, and Future

Islamic Banking: Growth, Stability and Inclusion. Palgrave Macmillan(UK). Pages 1-14.

External Editor:

Nafis Alam


About this Book:

This book focuses on current issues impacting the Islamic banking system globally. The contributions introduce readers to existing research and literature in the field and highlight areas of potential scholarly development within Islamic banking studies. The chapters are a variety of case studies, theoretical reviews, and empirical research within the world of Islamic banking. The contributions analyse new developments within Islamic banks from OIC member countries, Malaysia and the GCC. Particular attention is paid to the formative insolvency case of Arcapita Bank in chapter 6. Other chapters provide detailed discussion of the structures, marketing activities and products of Islamic banks, and contrast them with those of counterpart conventional banks. Through this edited collection, readers are given expert insight into contemporary, critical issues facing the growing sphere of Islamic banking.